Thinking Christianly About John McWhorter and Woke Racism

The First Episode of our new weekly podcast drops on Monday, January 24th.

Dr. John McWhorter’s Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America is one of THE best responses to the woke mob I have read to date. It’s a masterclass on how to respond to the social justice warriors who intimidate us into silence on social media by calling us “white supremacists” and racists when we dare to challenge their idiocy.

Professor McWhorter posits that the woke mob are not advancing an ideology or political agenda, but a religion. To prove his point, he compares the dogma and practices of the woke mob to Christianity, and throws Christianity under the bus in the process (McWhorter, it should be noted, is an atheist.

Many Christians might respond with outrage to his aligning their beliefs and practices with those of the woke mob and totally miss the broader point he is making.

How do we think Christianly about Professor McWhorter’s (mis)characterization of the Christian faith while at the same time affirming his arguments about the woke mob?

The link to the first episode of Recovering the Christian Mind will post here on Monday!