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CT: The Early Church Thrived Amid Secularism and Shows How We Can, Too

Dr. Gerald Sittser

GUEST: Dr. Gerald L. Sittser is a professor of theology and a senior fellow in the Office of Church Engagement at Whitworth University. His latest book is Resilient Faith: How the Early Christian “Third Way” Changed the World from Brazos Press, a division of Baker Publishing Group. He is the author of eight other books, including the best-selling A Grace DisguisedThe Will of God as a Way of Life, and Water from a Deep Well.

Michigan Governor Whitmer’s Reproductive Health Act Explained

Should Lou Whitaker be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

A career stats comparison of Tigers HOF Second Baseman Charlie Gehringer with Lou Whitaker

FORBES: It’s Time to Redefine Masculinity

  • In the wake of the #MeToo movement, people have recognized that it’s not enough to “empower” women—in order to make progress, we also need to tackle the pervasive problem of toxic masculinity.
  • On the topic of toxic masculinity, Datwon Thomas, editor-in-chief of VIBE, describes it as “a sickness” that we’re finally talking about after society has overlooked it for far too long. “I think particularly the millennials and Gen Z are really pushing against that and pushing back, with their gender fluidity and kind of non-binary and sexually nonconforming identities,” Emil Wilbekin, founder of Native Son, adds optimistically. “I think it’s a great time for change.”
  • After decades of advertisements too often dripping with sexism and misogyny and reinforcing traditional “alpha male” behavior, it’s time for brands to not only take responsibility for the impact their content has on consumers’ worldview and mental health—but actually help advocate for a more enlightened future free of toxic masculinity.

CHARLES CAMOSY: Five Things Kayne Knows

  1. Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
  2. “Freedom” as promised to us by the world is an addiction or slavery. 
  3. There are deep problems with our disconnected secular (sub)urban lifestyles.
  4. Abortion has taken a heavy toll on African American communities.
  5. Conversion is only the beginning of our journey, which will be difficult.