Episode 33: Alun Ebenezer on God’s Design for Manhood

AUDIO: Alun Ebenezer with Paul Edwards

Alun Ebenezer says we are at “a watershed moment in the reconstruction of twenty-first century man…it is open season on manhood.”

Alun joined Paul on The Bob Dutko Show in Detroit to discuss his new book, Call to Action: Become the Man God Designed You to Be.

The world needs real men. Christian men. But real manhood doesn’t just happen. Are you ready for basic training? 

Alun Ebenezer calls men to stop being passive and pursue godly character. In thirty chapters, he provides practical steps for pursuing godly manhood. Take action to become the man of God you must be—the man who our churches, schools, universities, workplaces, families, communities, and countries need you to be.