Episode 26: What is Revival? A Conversation with Pastor Jeremy Walker

Recovering the Christian Mind | May 29, 2023

Pastor Jeremy Walker is the Writer and Presenter of the new Reformation Heritage Books documentary, Revival: The Work of God.

This two-hour video documentary sets revival in its biblical and historical context, freeing us from our contemporary pragmatic view which sees revival more as a result of human creativity and ingenuity than a true work of the Spirit at the sole initiative of our sovereign God.

Pastor Walker says, “In times of reviving, God does what He always does. But there’s a pace and a power to it that is distinctive; and sometimes it’s momentary – it’s A sermon; other times it’s a period; sometimes it’s a lifetime; sometimes it sweeps across a whole region that there’s this sort of elevating of the spiritual tone that is, I think, incontrovertible. It is the God who, in His grace, draws near to bless in ways that are perhaps beyond, certainly that beggar, I think, our low and shallow expectations of Him.”