Episode 15: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption

Becket Cook was saved out of homosexuality in 2009. He now spends much of his time in ministry speaking at churches, universities, and conferences helping believers (and non-believers) understand this issue biblically, theologically, culturally, and personally. Balancing grace and truth when teaching on this subject is of primary importance. His goal is to challenge the current cultural narrative about sexuality in general and homosexuality in particular by demonstrating through his personal testimony and biblical truths that, yes, homosexuality is still a sin, and that following Christ is infinitely more satisfying and joyous.

On August 8, 2019 Paul spoke with Becket Cook about his memoir, A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption, which was released on July 30, 2019 by Thomas Nelson (Harper Collins).

Recovering the Christian Mind | March 8, 2023

WORLD MAG: Freedom for the Same-Sex Attracted

Episode 13: Validating Effective Spiritual Leadership

Recovering the Christian Mind | March 6, 2023

Are there biblical benchmarks by which we can discern the effectiveness of spiritual leadership?

On today’s episode of the Recovering the Christian Mind podcast, Pastor Paul gives us the three results of Samuel’s spiritual leadership in 1 Samuel 7. At a minimum, these three results are good indicators of the effectiveness of any spiritual leadership.

Episode 12: An Altar

Recovering the Christian Mind | March 2, 2023

Samuel built an altar in his home. Is your worship relegated to a weekly public gathering? Or is your home a place of confession, repentance, and praise where God reigns?

John Owen said, “What a man is on his knees in private, that he is and nothing more.”

Episode 11: A Stone

Recovering the Christian Mind | March 1, 2023

When we look back on our defeats and disappointments and see how the hand of God was working in our favor, we must mark those places where defeat turn to victory so that we do not forget God.