Episode 30: Greg Lukianoff on Cancel Culture

Recovering the Christian Mind |October 11, 2023

Today’s episode of Recovering the Christian Mind is a conversation with Greg Lukianoff about his forthcoming book, The Canceling of the American Mind.

Greg Lukianoff is the president of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) and one of the country’s most passionate defenders of free expression. He has written on free-speech issues in the nation’s top newspapers, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, and was executive producer of the documentaries Can We Take a Joke? and Mighty Ira. Lukianoff earned his undergraduate degree from American University and his law degree from Stanford. He worked for the ACLU of Northern California, the Organization for Aid to Refugees, and the EnvironMentors Project before joining FIRE in 2001.  

Episode 29: A Conversation with Matthew Boyd

Recovering the Christian Mind | July 12, 2023

Matthew Boyd made his Major League Baseball debut as a Toronto Blue Jay on June 27, 2015 and one month later he was traded to the Detroit Tigers. He has played 8 years of his 9 year career with the Tigers, but not without adversity.

He was sidelined for the entire 2022 season after flexor tendon surgery in September 2021.

More recently, 16 pitches into a game against the Texas Rangers in Arlington, something didn’t feel right. Two days later he would have season ending Tommy John surgery.

Matthew is a committed follower of Jesus Christ. How does the Christian faith work when something isn’t right, when we are facing adversity, setbacks, and disappointments?

Episode 28: A Surprising Discovery at Oxford University

Recovering the Christian Mind | June 5, 2023

In this episode of Recovering the Christian Mind we revisit an interview with Dr. Carolyn Weber about her memoir of coming to faith in Jesus Christ as an agnostic while a student at Oxford University: Surprised by Oxford.

This is a wide-ranging conversation with includes discussions of anti-Christian bias in academia, the pressures Christian academics face as professors and teachers in academia, and the surprising way God used the intellectual environment of Oxford to bring an agonistic to Himself.

This interview was recorded in 2011 and is probably one of my top five favorite conversations I ever had during my 12 years as a talk radio host.


A Commonwealth Scholar, Dr. Carolyn Weber holds her B.A. Hon. from Huron College at Western University, Canada and her M.Phil. and D.Phil. from Oxford University, England. Dr. Weber is an award-winning author, popular professor and international speaker. She is delighted to serve as a professor at New College Franklin in Franklin, TN, where she is grateful to be part of the rich fellowship of learning at this unique and wonderful college.

She has served as faculty at Oxford University, Seattle University, University of San Francisco, Westmont College, Brescia University College and Heritage College and Seminary. She was the first female dean of St. Peter’s College, Oxford.

Dr. Weber’s most recent book is Sex and the City of God: A Memoir of Love and Longing (IVP: 2020)

Episode 27: Behind the Scenes of Revival: The Work of God

Recovering the Christian Mind |May 30, 2023

Consider today’s episode of Recovering the Christian Mind a Bonus Track to yesterday’s conversation with Pastor Jeremy Walker about the excellent new two-hour video documentary on the history of revival, Revival: The Work of God.

In this brief conversation, Jeremy and I discuss the production aspects of the documentary: the beautiful locations they visited, including historic churches and places, and the pastors and professors they interviewed to help all of us place revival in its proper biblical and historical context.

Episode 26: What is Revival? A Conversation with Pastor Jeremy Walker

Recovering the Christian Mind | May 29, 2023

Pastor Jeremy Walker is the Writer and Presenter of the new Reformation Heritage Books documentary, Revival: The Work of God.

This two-hour video documentary sets revival in its biblical and historical context, freeing us from our contemporary pragmatic view which sees revival more as a result of human creativity and ingenuity than a true work of the Spirit at the sole initiative of our sovereign God.

Pastor Walker says, “In times of reviving, God does what He always does. But there’s a pace and a power to it that is distinctive; and sometimes it’s momentary – it’s A sermon; other times it’s a period; sometimes it’s a lifetime; sometimes it sweeps across a whole region that there’s this sort of elevating of the spiritual tone that is, I think, incontrovertible. It is the God who, in His grace, draws near to bless in ways that are perhaps beyond, certainly that beggar, I think, our low and shallow expectations of Him.”