Where is Beth Moore Headed?

Quite a kerfuffle has erupted in the Twittersphere over Beth Moore’s decision to preach in a church worship service on Mother’s Day.

Listen to Paul’s take on the subject below from the Thursday, June 20, 2019 edition of The Paul Edwards Program on WMUZ-AM 1200 in Detroit.

Owen Strachan: Divine Order in a Chaotic Age: On Women Preaching

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One Reply to “Where is Beth Moore Headed?”

  1. I wish I had known your topic today. I would have called in 🙂
    In the early 2000’s, Daniel, who was only 6 or 7 at the time, heard Beth Moore on the radio. He said, aghast, “Does that woman think she is a preacher? And why is she so angry? All she does is yell!”
    I have “sat through” several of Beth’s “Bible” Studies. Mainly what I heard was “I,” “Me,” “My.”
    I don’t really follow her, but I do note when others have something to say about her. I always check to see if what is being said is true. Sure enough, Beth Moore has become very liberal in her interpretation of the Scripture. Red flags have always gone up for me because she teaches herself the Scripture. In many of her Bible Studies she demeans her husband by saying how much closer she is to God and how much more she knows about Scripture than her husband does. Recently, she has been having “visions” from God.
    I am not surprised that she is now “preaching” on Sundays.
    I put her in the category of “false teachers.”

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