The Paul Edwards Program Has Ended

Effective Wednesday, March 25, 2020, The Paul Edwards Program will no longer air on WMUZ-AM 1200 in Detroit.

For nearly a year, Paul has produced and hosted this program without compensation with the understanding that the program would eventually be supported by advertisers secured by account executives at WMUZ.

Over the course of an entire year, WMUZ has failed to secure ANY advertisers necessary to make The Paul Edwards Program financially viable and to compensate the host, while at the same time enhancing their FM programming with a new talk show and new host in their 4pm-7pm drive-time slot.

Therefore, the program has ended, with regret.

2 Replies to “The Paul Edwards Program Has Ended”

  1. Very very sorry & disappointed that Pastor Paul Edwards will not be on the radio anymore. He was a very valuable asset to this community especially in this difficult time. He is needed on the air now more than ever before. This is not good for those of us quarantined right now. Looked forward to hearing him everyday. I am just sick about this. Dear Pastor Paul you will be sorely missed. Not too happy with this radio station at all. God bless you & keep you safe & healthy Pastor Paul

  2. Disappointed that a Christian radio station would take advantage of a fellow Christian. Not a good testimony at all.

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