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GUEST: Samuel Perry on Taking America Back for God

There are a myriad of historical, demographic, economic,
and technological factors contributing to our increasing polarization
on issues of race, family, religion, gender, human rights, the environment, taxes, and so on. There is no silver- bullet explanation, and we don’t intend to offer one here. Our goal in this book [Taking America Back for God: Christian Nationalism in the United States] is to thoroughly explore one factor that, as we will show, plays a large, unique, but often unrecognized (and at times, misrecognized) role in our nation’s current cultural and political conflicts. That factor is Christian nationalism.

Samuel L. Perry is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies at the University of Oklahoma. He is the author of over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles and two books, Addicted to Lust and Growing God’s Family.

In NYT Op/Ed, U of M Law Professor says it’s time to reinstate Pete Rose

GUEST: Evan H. Caminker is the Branch Rickey Collegiate Professor of Law, and served as dean of the University of Michigan Law School from 2003 to 2013. Professor Caminker writes, teaches, and litigates about various issues of American constitutional law, including individual rights, allocation of governmental powers, and judicial decision-making. He received his BA in political economy and environmental studies, summa cum laude, from UCLA and his JD from Yale Law School. He clerked for Justice William Brennan Jr. of the U.S. Supreme Court and for The Hon. William Norris of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

BARNA: State of the Church 2020

According to the report, three-quarters (72%) of Protestant pastors identify the impact of “watered down gospel teachings” on Christianity in the U.S. as a major concern. That’s especially true for pastors in non-mainline denominations (78%). Mainline pastors (59%) are less concerned.

About two-thirds (66%) of pastors say a major concern for Christianity is “culture’s shift to a secular age,” followed by 63% who identified “poor discipleship models” as a major concern and 58% who named “addressing complex social issues with biblical integrity,” the survey says.

RNS: More US firms are boosting faith-based support for employees

Dwyane Wade speaks about his 12-year-old child coming out as transgender

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