Edward Tingley on the fraud of atheistic skepticism

Philosophy professor Edward Tingley on how agnostics and atheists are not true skeptics:

All of the people who say that they are “atheists through skepticism, because they see no evidence that God exists,” are patently unthinking people, since by virtue of turning skeptic, no one has ever done anything–employed any logic, gathered any evidence, found any way forward–to reach a conclusion about whether God exists. So these atheists have not reached a conclusion; they have made a commitment.

What the scientific skeptic ought to say is this: “Having examined the hard evidence, we declare that route to be exhausted. The only kind of evidence for God’s existence that counts will have to be of some other kind–if there is any other kind.”

That would be reasonable. And it would be a fine thing for a skeptic to doubt that there is any evidence besides the standard, demonstrable kind–and there are skeptics who do so. But all those who, just because they doubt it, run home with the question answered are frauds like their agnostic brethren if they still call themselves scientists.

HT: Joe Carter: The Evangelical Oupost

Ravi Zacharias Today

Christian apologist Dr. Ravi Zacharias will be my guest this afternoon (Thursday, May 9) at 4:00 pm on The Paul Edwards Program. We will be discussing The End of Reason, his response to the New Atheism, specifically Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation.

Dr. Zacharias has been the subject of some controversy over a prayer written for him to pray as the Honorary Chairman of The National Day of Prayer which some say intentionally excluded the name of Jesus. We’ll ask Dr. Zacharias for his response to that controversy.

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