Run Sheet for Wednesday, September 11th


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AP: 18 years later, America vows to ‘never forget’ 9/11

MSN: Emotional Karl Rove says he’ll never forget meeting Flight 93 families after 9/11

WP: Trump accidentally tweeted an insult at a pastor. Here’s how the pastor responded.

The president had mixed up Jonathan Carl, the Kentucky minister with fewer than 375 Twitter followers, with Jonathan Karl, the ABC News reporter whose journalism had ruffled the feathers of the commander in chief.

Carl, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Washington Post, is the lead pastor at South Fork Baptist Church in Hodgenville, Ky. According to an online biography, he is an Iraq War veteran, holds a PhD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is raising three daughters with his wife.

Jarrid Wilson

CP: Megachurch pastor Jarrid Wilson dies by suicide after struggling with mental health

RNS: Pastor, author and mental health advocate Jarrid Wilson dies by suicide

CP: Starting Thursday, NJ will allow terminally ill patients to commit suicide with medical prescription

Jerry Falwell, Jr

AP: Liberty’s Falwell says he’s target of ‘attempted coup’

THE HILL: Falwell Jr. says FBI to investigate ‘criminal conspiracy’ at Liberty University

POLITICO: ‘Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence

More than two dozen current and former high-ranking Liberty University officials and close associates of Falwell spoke to me or provided documents for this article, opening up—for the first time at an institution so intimately associated with the Falwell family—about what they’ve experienced and why they don’t think he’s the right man to lead Liberty University or serve as a figurehead in the Christian conservative movement.

JOHN FEA: Why the Recent *Politico” Piece Will Not Hurt Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Standing Among Many Conservative Evangelicals

EMMA GREEN: Why Some Christians ‘Love the Meanest Parts’ of Trump

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