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TODAY’S GUEST: David Roach, is a regular contributor to Baptist Press and BP’s chief national correspondent. Roach, who has contributed news and feature articles to Baptist Press for 11 years, was among the finalists in a national search to fill a position now held by Shawn Hendricks as Baptist Press’ managing editor. Baptist Press ( and @baptistpress) is the news service of the Southern Baptist Convention. It is a ministry assignment of the SBC Executive Committee. In addition to Baptist Press, Roach has been an editorial associate for SBC LIFE, journal of the Executive Committee, since 2012 and was a newswriter for Southern Seminary from 2003-09. He also has written for the Kentucky Baptist Convention; the Southern Baptist TEXAN; Florida Baptist Witness; The Alabama Baptist; LifeWay Christian Resources; Kairos Journal, an online resource for pastors; and BibleMesh, a Bible-teaching website.

DAVID ROACH: Why Southern Baptists’ Social Justice Spat Is Actually About the Sufficiency of Scripture

  • Southern Baptists recently adopted a controversial resolution on critical race theory and intersectionality (CRT/I), which cited both theories as useful for confronting racial divisions even though the theories “have been appropriated by individuals with worldviews that are contrary to the Christian faith.”
  • “For [Tom] Ascol, the issue is faithfulness to Scripture. He fears that some Southern Baptists, while committed in theory to inerrancy, are allowing ideologies other than Scripture to determine their beliefs and practices in the church.”
  • “These leaders do not represent opposite extremes of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. The Southern Baptists taking issue with Founders’ approach share many core convictions with the ministry, not just the inerrancy of Scripture, but also an opposition to radical feminism and critical race theory dictating the church’s social engagement. A key difference among conservative Southern Baptists comes in how much they are willing to learn from elements of secular ideologies, versus rejecting them outright.”


CP: Only 16 percent of Christians say Church should repent for America’s racist past

  • A total of 1,502 practicing American Christians from various races were asked the question of what the Church should do in response to the 400 years of injustices faced by African Americans. Respondents were allowed to select multiple answers from a list that included “nothing,” “repair the damage, “repent,” “pursue restitution,” “lament,” and “don’t know.”
  • Only 16 percent of American practicing Christians said that the Church needs to repent for America’s history of slavery and segregation. A minority, 24 percent, of African-American practicing Christians indicated a need for the Church to repent. By comparison, just 13 percent of white Christians also selected “repent” as an answer.

CP: Are churches a positive force in society? Republican, Democrat views widening

RNS: Six decades old Baptist church is closing six-years after affirming the LGBTQ community

  • “From the time she arrived in 2013, the Rev. Jill McCrory had seen the congregation at Twinbrook Baptist Church, the progressive Baptist church she pastors, ebb and flow but never reach more than several dozen faithful in the pews that could hold far more. So the multiracial, LGBT-affirming congregation in this Washington suburb made a tough decision: Its church will close.”
  • “We threw the doors open wide, proclaiming us as a welcoming and affirming church. And we drew some folks, but bottom line, this church, I believe, was created for a certain time and a certain group. And, it just couldn’t outgrow that.”

ROSS DOUTHAT: Jeffrey Epstein and When to Take Conspiracies Seriously

THE HILL: London university bans beef in climate change fight

JASON GAY: Hurry Up! Sports Has a Time Problem

“We’re all so restless and in a rush. Have you been to a baseball game recently? You can fly in a hot-air balloon from Chicago to San Diego—and then take a covered wagon back across the Rockies—in the time it takes to play the average baseball game. I’m serious. My neighbor took his 4-year-old to a double-header this summer. By the time they got home, the kid was 6.”

FOX 2 NEWS: First day of school photo of siblings praying goes viral: ‘We pray for everyone’

What you can’t see in the photo is that the Harris family lost their apartment the day before, and Jamisha and her husband recently lost their jobs.

“It has been very hard for all of us,” Harris told Fox News. “And with all the tragedies events that have been occurring in the world lately, I feel nothing is safe for my children and we are praying because I am sending my children into this wicked world and mommy is not there to protect them.”

THE OPEN BOOK PODCAST: Dr. Stephen Nichols talks with Dr. R. C. Sproul about the rich theology in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.


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