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Michigan Reformation Conference

Paul will be speaking at the 16th Annual Michigan Reformation Conference in Flint, Michigan on Saturday, October 26th (10am – 4pm). More information and free registration.

Wolves Among the Elders

The pastors are charged with caring for God’s flock and guarding it against doctrinal error and moral danger, but who guards the pastors against the wolves who are ever ready to creep in among them to destroy and scatter the sheep?

Today Paul will examine the Scriptures which tell us how to identify the wolves among us, as well as how to set the proper boundaries to protect the eldership of your church from men who hide evil intentions behind a spiritual demeanor.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

Many American Christians love their pastors – but are totally unaware of the financial pressures they face.

  • 90 percent of pastors feel financial pressure.      
  • 50 percent make less than $50,000 per year while serving their churches 50-60, or more, hours per week.      
  • Nearly 60 percent of pastors do not receive retirement or healthcare benefits from their churches. 
  • 3 out of 10 pastors have student loan debt averaging $36,000.

An earlier NAE survey by found that half of pastors have salary/housing packages under $50,000. When it comes to benefits, most receive no family health insurance (59%) and no pension or retirement funds (62%).

2016 study of clergy compensation similarly found that Protestant clergy income (including salary and housing allowances) amounts to just over $46,000 annually on average.

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