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Chris Tomlin

CT: Why Chris Tomlin Still Dominates Both Radio and Sunday Morning

  • Chris Tomlin was hailed by CNN as the most-sung artist in history, “with upwards of 30 million believers singing his songs each Sunday.”
  • “By singing radio chart-toppers, congregations miss out on theological heft.”
  • “Thematically, the songs tend to stay in the realm of praise and adoration without venturing too far into more complex themes like confession, doubt, and suffering.”

WP: Why Bruce Springsteen is the soundtrack of the 2020 primary

In Springsteen, Democrats see an archetype of the white working class, one who can help them woo the voters in the Rust Belt and farm states who have turned various shades of Republican red over the past half-century.

The singer came to understand that it was not government, but profit-hungry corporations that were responsible for everyday people’s struggles to make a decent living and for the devastation inflicted on communities when good-paying jobs disappeared.

…his songs from the past 40 years address the economic frustration that helped fuel the exodus of the white working class from the Democratic coalition. By having Springsteen at their campaign events and by playing his music at their rallies, Democrats signal that their tent is still big enough to include the white working class.

CP: ‘Big term’ for religious liberty expected at US Supreme Court in 2020

The more prominent of these three cases is Harris Funeral Homes v. EEOC, which stems from a Christian funeral home owner’s firing of a transgender employee who refused to wear clothing that corresponded with the employee’s birth sex.

The case marked one of the first legal actions the EEOC took on behalf of transgender individuals alleging sex discrimination against an employer.

In 2018, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that the funeral home owner, Tom Rost, discriminated against the employee.

CP: New York City to repeal ban on gay ‘conversion therapy’ amid legal battle

CP: Mister Rogers movie starring Tom Hanks will show TV pioneer’s devotion to prayer, forgiveness

CNN: An alligator was pulled from a pond behind a Michigan junior high school

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