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Max Lucado, other prominent Evangelicals, blast John MacArthur for his biblical position on women preachers

CP: Max Lucado responds to John MacArthur’s women preacher comments: ‘Bride of Christ is sighing’

CT: A Message to John MacArthur: The Bible Calls Both Men and Women to ‘Go Home’

WP: Why millennials are skipping church and not going back

But then again, so what? Will it matter for anyone other than the Sunday ushers whose collection baskets have suddenly gotten lighter?

Yes, actually. Religious and other civic organizations will atrophy — and not just from lack of funds. Faith and practice can’t persevere through our generation without attendance, and neither can the hope they tend to bring. And while that may not seem like a problem now, it will soon. We still want relationships and transcendence, to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Our drive for those things isn’t likely to wane, despite how ambivalent we might feel about ancient liturgies or interminable coffee hours or even pastors whose politics have taken a sharp turn MAGA-wards.

NICHOLAS KRISTOF: We’re Less and Less a Christian Nation, and I Blame Some Blowhards

President George W. Bush and Ellen DeGeneres share the Owner’s Box at a Dallas Cowboy’s game. Insanity ensues from “tolerant” liberals.

NATIONAL REVIEW: Not Enemies, But Friends

An excellent response to the critics of Ellen DeGeneres for her friendship with George W. Bush

CT: The Cautionary Tale of Jerry Falwell Jr.

“Whether at Christian universities, evangelical nonprofits, or local churches, we’ve fallen head over heels for the entrepreneurial leader. We talk the talk of servant leadership but walk the walk of “Gentile rulers” who “lord it over” others (Mk. 10:42). We’re infatuated with men and women who can grow influence and finances. We want “movers and shakers” who can “make a difference.” We hire not for humility and service, but for boldness, innovation, and creativity. Big is beautiful.”

NPR: Forgotten: The Things We Lost In Kanye’s Gospel Year

In 2019, Kanye West rose from the ashes of a career flameout by taking his faith on tour. But engaging with his self-styled salvation means forgetting what gospel music was created to do.

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