Ravi Zacharias Today

Christian apologist Dr. Ravi Zacharias will be my guest this afternoon (Thursday, May 9) at 4:00 pm on The Paul Edwards Program. We will be discussing The End of Reason, his response to the New Atheism, specifically Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation.

Dr. Zacharias has been the subject of some controversy over a prayer written for him to pray as the Honorary Chairman of The National Day of Prayer which some say intentionally excluded the name of Jesus. We’ll ask Dr. Zacharias for his response to that controversy.

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6 Replies to “Ravi Zacharias Today”

  1. The “controversy” is another case of “discernment folks over stepping the bounds and judging the hearts and motives of others. Why can’t Christians be more humble about their faith? Christ preached a message of humility, however, these folks think we need to rule over a pray session that, from my understanding, was ecumenical in nature from the beginning. Of course, the word ecumenical equates to ONE WORLD RELIGION…..I don’t know how the folks get by day to day.
    Ravi is one of the pillars of our faith, these folks need to start looking at the plank in their own eye before they point out the speck in others.
    As you can tell I have very little patience for discernment ministries.

  2. Also, by pillar I mean one of the guys that has preached the message for years with very little controversy. Unlike many of the leaders who get too caught up in the money and power and eventually become the reverse of what they were when they started.
    Jesus is the ultimate pillar, I wanted to clarify lest anyone call me out on that statement.

  3. Thank you Pixel, your clarification shows you to be a very discerning individual indeed.”*: )

  4. “Christ preached a message of humility”

    Pixel, thanks for the insight. I thought Jesus preached a message of repentance. My mistake.

  5. Arthur,
    The message of humility is one of repentance, by humbling undestanding that you are unworthy of the God’s grace. The problem as I see it are the folks who are God’s elect that run around telling everyone else they are doing it wrong. That is piety and Jesus was very clear about that attitude.

  6. Very interesting exchanges here. I’ll always remember Jesus first word in His public ministry was the word “Repent”

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