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GUEST: Dr. Meg Meeker on Raising a Strong Daughter in a Toxic Culture

Dr. Meg Meeker

Pediatrician and parenting expert Meg Meeker, author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters (over half a million sold!), focuses in on the challenges, pressures, and dilemmas facing adolescent and teenage girls today. How can parents help shepherd their daughters into womanhood while guarding against today’s overwhelming social dangers? Dr. Meeker has practical advice for moms and dads buttressed by years of experience counseling young women.


TOUCHSTONE MAGAZINE: Do You Know Your Child’s Doctor? The Politics of Pediatrics

“An internal survey in 1991 revealed that more than 56 percent of theAmerican Academy of Pediatrics’ membership supported abortion-on-demand for adolescents, and more than 60 percent favored abortion for adolescents for one or more specific reasons. “

“An AAP policy statement on office-based care for so-called LGBTQ youth, published in July 2013, updated and expanded previous policy statements from 1993 and 2004 on “sexual minority teenagers.” The 2013 statement is chock-full of political buzz words such as “homophobia,” “heterosexism,” “gender identity,” “gender expression,” and “transgender,” as well as confident proclamations (“sexual minority youth should not be considered abnormal”) and recommendations, including these:

Transgender adolescents need to be supported and affirmed; they need education and referral for the process of transition and about avoiding the pitfalls of using treatments that were not prescribed by a licensed physician.

Pediatricians should support or create gay-straight alliances at schools and support the development and enforcement of zero-tolerance policies for homophobic teasing, bullying, harassment, and violence.

GUEST: Alexander F. C. Webster (Archpriest), Ph.D., is Dean & Professor of Moral Theology Emeritus at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville, New York.

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