Go BoSox!

What the Yankees couldn’t do to eliminate the Cleveland Indians it seems the Boston Red Sox are prepared to do. After routing the Indians¬†in the first game of the ALCS, Boston’s David Ortiz may have secured a second game win by doing what no one expects him to do: beat out an infield grounder to break-up a sure double play which led to back to back homeruns: a two run homerun by Manny Ramirez and a solo homerun by Mike Lowell, ¬†giving Boston a 6-5 lead in the fifth. The homeruns wouldn’t have happened if David Ortiz wasn’t playing his heart out – injured.

I despise the Cleveland Indians after the way their fans treated my Tigers during their last series in Cleveland, but I love this game. I’ll love it even more after Cleveland is finally eliminated. Go BoSox!


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  1. Wow, seems like you really got your feelings hurt for an incident that happened to you. Most fans of most sports teams are unruly; yes even those from the Detroit area……

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