Dr. Russell Moore on Male Sexuality

Session Two of the Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Seminar
Proverbs 7

You and I are dealing with Satanic powers who understand and know human nature and behavior. They know what it means to be a man and they know how to lead you to destruction and they will not do so suddenly because you will be alarmed by it. So they create for us an illusion in which we are able to slowly work our way to destruction, which is what the Holy Spirit is warning us about in Proverbs 7.

Satan wants to destroy a man at the very core of his sexuality. You are being watched. You are also being trained, which is why the Scripture gives the image of an animal who is being fed to illustrate Satan’s powers and deception.

Proverbs 7 is a word from a godly father about male sexuality and a call to wisdom.

The move toward sexual destruction begins with a man who begins with small compromises with what it is that is holding him to fidelity.

The preparation for fornication happens when we are young. And we are never beyond the point of being destroyed sexually even when we are old.

The issue for the young man in this proverb is that he doesn’t see what is waiting for him. It doesn’t start with an overt sexual opportunity. They start by creating in you a way of looking at women. From early stages you begin to see women in certain ways. He is cultivating within you not so much an opening for a sexual transgression, he rather creates the illusion that you are missing something because you are married.

If you are in a situation where you resent your wife’s appearance, you are on your way to sexual sin.

God has hardwired men for sexuality. Sexuality is not like addiction to cigarettes. Sexuality is always and continually raging within a man because God has hardwired a man to be husband and father. Every aspect of sexual desire is to drive you toward that one flesh union that God has designed you for.

Satan’s powers works against your sexuality by operating from the basis of what you notice about women and he will destroy you with it. This is the area of imagination. Satan will fuflill your sexual fantasies to the destruction of your sexual life.

The Satanic powers are looking to see what it is that will turn your attention and then they will set you up to be in that situation.

Proverbs 7 presents a woman that is contrary to nature – loud and wayward – yet God has designed a woman with peaceful dignity. She is masculine in that she is the initiator. She acts in a way that causes the forbiddenness itself to be the draw.

One of the greatest dangers that we face as men in destroying our homes is the idea that forbiddenness is sexy. You and I are trained toward our fallen nature all of our lives to see that to be the case. The forbidden is itself that which is alluring.

We are living in an American Christian culture that misunderstands love. Popular music, popular films offer two definitions of what love is: either sexual copulation or this sense of a hormonally fueled romance.

God has designed us, in order to drive us toward a one flesh union, with hormones. This is normal and natural in a season of life as God is drawing you toward one another. As you grow in your love for one another, and the longer we are together, we grow deeper in our love which lessens the hormonal fuel, but love cannot be reduced to the hormonal urge.

Adultery happens when we allow the hormonal urge to replace deep love. A single man who is in a sexual relationship is cheating on his wife, even though he doesn’t know who she is yet.

Sexual temptation does not start with your sexual desire. It starts with your ego.

There is a promise of secrecy in the text. Any sexual transgression carries with it the promise that you will never be found out, but you are always found out. Satan is destroying Christianity in America with electronic prostitution. We had the internet pornography incident as soon as it is over, and we act as though what is at stake is simply an act of your will.

This is not an act of your will. There are personal beings who are bent on your destruction with the promise that this will never be found out. It is not enough to erase the internet history and commit that you will not do it again.

This path towards sexual destruction leads to the hell of condemnation. We are ignorant. We do not see the hellishness that awaits us.

Every man who begins an adulteress relationship believes their lives will be better because you are ignoring death – the destruction that is waiting. Satan doesn’t come at you suddenly. He is saving you for something, so that he can destroy you at the very moment when it can have the greatest impact. You destroy the calf when it is big and strong. Satan waits until he can create the maximum amount of chaos in your life.

If we belong to Christ, we must flee and come out of our hiding and admit that we are in need of the power of the crucified and resurrected Christ and take seriously that adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of God. If you do not belong to Christ, he will not treat you as sons. He will give you over to your passions and to ultimate destruction.

When you are participating in sexual immorality, loading up the images on the internet, when you prepare your home for adultery by criticizing and belittleing your wife, don’t be deceived as to what’s happening.

There are all kinds of ways we put ourselves in a place where destruction can come upon us. We are being carefully lead along to the ‘blood room’ (the slaughterhouse).

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