Run, Howard, Run

The former CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, seems to be testing the waters for a possible presidential run in 2020. See here and here.

I hope he returns to the Republican party and seeks the Republican nomination for President in 2020.
But if he runs as a Democrat, I may have to take back everything I have ever said about never, ever voting for a Democrat.
But the vetting process hasn’t even begun yet.
Who is Howard Schultz? I’m anxious to find out. Random House has my interview request.

Political Scientist Hunter Baker on The Proper Role of Government

Hunter Baker, in an essay at The Gospel Coalition:

“Surely, the most common denominator of justice is preventing and punishing freedom-destroying evil perpetrated by those who do not recognize even the most basic duties of human beings toward each other. If a government cannot accomplish this goal, then we call it a failed state.

We’ll discuss what went wrong in Tuesday’s election, the future of evangelical political engagement, and the proper role of government with Union University’s Hunter Baker on Thursday’s podcast of The Paul Edwards Program.

David Stokes fills in for Paul

Rev. David Stokes will fill in for me on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

David Stokes has been a friend of my family for nearly 40 years. He grew up in my hometown of Taylor, graduated from high school with my older brother, and is still good friends with him (and me).

David is a pastor, blogger, historian, and author. He is a prolific thinker. This is a great mix for talk radio that is engaging and intelligent.

I’m very proud to leave my audience in his capable hands. Please don’t miss him!