Our Relief Effort in the Chernobyl Zone

20120110_662Record cold temperatures in Ukraine have already led to the deaths of more than 130 people. You can help us minister to these people through our partnership with Revival Church in Kiev, Ukraine. Our Executive Director, Paul Edwards, is also the pastor of Oakbrooke Bible Church in Waterford, Michigan. This church has helped to start two churches in Chernobyl which are already responding to this crisis. But they need our help.

Our Executive Director is traveling to the Chernobyl Zone of Ukraine on Thursday of this week to distribute food and relief supplies in the wake of the record cold temperatures there. A gift of $10.00 from you would provide food for a family in Chernobyl for one month. Learn more at the link below:

Chernobyl Outreach 2013



Nine Things to Look Forward to in 2013

Edited by Kevin Collard
Communications Director, The Center for the Study of God & Culture

1. History Channel’s The Bible – from “Survivor” creator Mark Burnett’s production company. The 10-hour, five-part miniseries will launch Sunday, March 3 at 8 p.m. featuring live-action and CGI, will be narrated by Emmy winner Keith David and will feature a musical score by Oscar winner Hans Zimmer.

2. My hope with Billy Graham – in November a nationwide Television event sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic association will feature a multifaceted, technological outreach to seekers around the globe. It depends on YOUR willingness to sign up as a current day “Matthew” and inviting seeker friends for dinner on the appointed night.

3. The One Way Experience Tour – coming to your hometown! Remember the Jesus music of the 70’s? This tour will feature performances by Andrae Crouch, Love Song, Randy Stonehill, Evie, The Archers, and Michael Omartian! A sure way to remember the joy of your salvation.

4. Burning Lights. You won’t have to wait long (January 8th) for the new release of modern praise songwriter Chris Tomlin’s new release Burning Lights.

5. Captain Phillips film- released in March of 2013 will bring us the story of devout Catholic Captain Richard Phillips who was delivering much needed supplies to Somalia when Pirates hijacked his ship. Phillips sacrificed himself for his crew members. Tom Hanks plays the role of this brave man who stayed alive until Naval sharp shooters were able to detain the pirates. Also on July 4th weekend we will see Johnny Depp bring back The Lone Ranger.

6. China is sending a spacecraft to the moon: How will the world respond?

7. Tim Tebow. Speculation has the NFL QB returning to Jacksonville, Florida to play for the jaguars.

8. REALITY TV SHOWS about Christians? TLC Network’s Sisterhood scheduled to premiere Jan. 1, preachers’ wives are the focus in “an honest, behind-the-scenes look into the struggles, triumphs and unique experiences that shape these bold women as they ditch their Sunday hats and morph into the dynamic and influential figures they have become and aim to be.” And Lifetime TV’s new reality show that centers on the lives of preachers’ kids is scheduled to air on the Lifetime Television Network in 2013. Preachers’ Daughters is said to give a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of teenagers whose fathers are Christian ministers, and how they handle worldly temptations with the guidance of their parents.

9. Random Acts of Kindness, the book that sparked the movement, is 20 years old, and to celebrate, the editors of Conari Press have compiled Random Acts of Kindness Then and Now (Feb. 2013), which includes stories from the original book with new material sourced from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The anniversary edition includes stories of generosity and kindness in the wake of Super Storm Sandy, and Conari will donate a portion of the book’s proceeds to the American Red Cross.


Sometime in 2013, NBC will air Save Me, the sitcom set in the fictional Cincinnati suburb of “Indian Hills.” Anne Heche stars as a housewife who believes she is a modern-day prophet after having a near-death experience choking on a sandwich.

The Podcast: Missiologist Paul Borthwick on Western Christians in Global Missions; A Review of Lincoln the movie

Today’s Podcast:

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Missiologist Paul Borthwick

The world has changed. A century ago, Christianity was still primarily centered in North America and Europe. By the dawn of the twenty-first century, Christianity had become a truly global faith, with Christians in Asia, Africa and Latin America outpacing those in the rest of the world. There are now more Christians in China than in all of Europe, more Pentecostals in Brazil than in the United States, and more Anglicans in Kenya than in Great Britain, Canada and the United States combined. Countries that were once destinations for western missionaries are now sending their own missionaries to North America.
Given these changes, some think the day of the Western missionary is over. Some are wary that American mission efforts may perpetuate an imperialistic colonialism. Some say that global outreach is best left to indigenous leaders. Others simply feel that resources should be focused on the home front. Is there an ongoing role for the North American church in global mission?In his latest book, Western Christians in Global Mission, Missions specialist Paul Borthwick brings an urgent report on how the Western church can best continue in global mission. He provides a current analysis of the state of the world and how Majority World leaders perceive North American Christians’ place. Borthwick offers concrete advice for how Western Christians can be involved without being paternalistic or creating dependency. Using their human and material resources with wise and strategic stewardship, North Americans can join forces with the Majority World in new, interdependent ways to answer Gods call to global involvement.

In this critical age, the global body of Christ needs one another more than ever. Discover how the Western church can contribute to a new era of mission marked by mutuality, reciprocity and humility.

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Paul Borthwick’s Website

Film Critic Chris Williams

We also take a look at the movie Lincoln with film critic Chris Williams. Chris has been reviewing films for the Source Newspapers since 2006. In addition to his film reviews for the Source and his website, Chris writes for the military ground vehicle publications Accelerate Magazine and GVSET News. He previously worked as a columnist and reporter, covering news and features in Shelby Township and Utica.

Chris has a bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism from Wayne State University in Detroit. His favorite films include Raiders of the Lost Ark, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Shawshank Redemption, and Before Sunset. He has an interest in film, television and theology. Chris lives with his wife and son in Ann Arbor.

The Podcast: Thursday, November 15

Mike Yankoski did more than just wonder. By his own choice, Mike’s life went from upper-middle class plush to scum-of-the-earth repulsive overnight. With only a backpack, a sleeping bag and a guitar, Mike and his traveling companion, Sam, set out to experience life on the streets in six different cities—from Washington D.C. to San Diego— and they put themselves to the test.

For more than five months the pair experienced firsthand the extreme pains of hunger, the constant uncertainty and danger of living on the streets, exhaustion, depression, and social rejection—and all of this by their own choice. They wanted to find out if their faith was real, if they could actually be the Christians they said they were apart from the comforts they’d always known…to discover first hand what it means to be homeless in America.

Mike and Sam’s story is gritty, challenging, and utterly captivating. What you encounter in Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America will radically alter how you see your world—and may even change your life.

Paul speaks with Mike Yankoski on today’s Podcast of God & Culture:

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The Book’s Website: www.undertheoverpass.com

Mike’s Website: www.mikeyankoski.com

The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions

The Podcast: Wednesday, November 14

Nearly two centuries after his death, Thomas Jefferson continues to be the subject of competing claims about his public policy and his private beliefs.

In Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims about Our Third President, two religious conservatives examines key claims frequently made by other religious conservatives about Thomas Jefferson. Using Jefferson’s correspondence, accounts of Jefferson’s contemporaries, and other original sources, Throckmorton and Coulter separate fact from fiction. Upon analysis, many claims about Jefferson made by religiously conservative culture warriors don’t hold up.

Paul speaks with Dr. Warren Throckmorton on today’s podcast:

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Website: www.gettingjeffersonright.com