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You have noticed there has been minimal activity on the blog for the last few weeks. I’ve been travelling and preparing to travel, but hope to get more active with posts in the next few days.

Pixelmaster rightly points out that I have been slow to approve comments, for the same reasons as those cited above, and suggests that I allow comments without approval so that they can appear immediately. I am making this change with the hope that the community that posts here will police the comments and notify me of anything inappropriate.

I value the debate and dialogue this blog generates and hope to continue to faciliate it. Thanks for your patience.

3 Replies to “Blog Status”

  1. Thanks, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I think many of us, even the liberals can act civilized.

  2. Whether allowing insta posts is civilized or not obviously remains to be seen, but it is infinitely more fun! *; )

  3. And…should God, Culture and Politics BE fun??? Oh YES definitely! Life IS fun!

    Godliness with Contentment is GREAT GAIN!

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