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DETROIT NEWS: Brooks’ legacy is already at risk

  • “The underhanded dealing to determine who will replace Patterson as county executive began as soon as he died on Aug. 3, and should make residents uneasy about how quickly their county could become ordinary or worse, instead of the good government pace-setter it’s been under his leadership.”
  • “The priorities of a leader matter. Brooks was committed to doing everything possible to keep Oakland County’s stellar bond rating, which is higher than that of the United States’ and nearly 200 other countries.”

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Democrat Dave Coulter, mayor of Ferndale, named Oakland County executive

PRIDESOURCE: County Commissions Take Lead on Expanding LGBTQ Rights in Michigan

  • “I think it really speaks volumes to have a bipartisan vote in support of expanding protections for the LGBT community,” [David] Woodward said, adding that they will ask members of the state legislature from Oakland County to be “champions and leaders” on this issue.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Democrats: The new Oakland County is under construction. Please pardon our dust.

CP: ‘Veggie Tales’ creator: ‘Matter of time’ before Christian kids’ shows are ‘forced’ to address LGBT issues

CP: Founder of Auntie Anne’s shares how Christian faith saved her from sexual abuse, suicide