An Open Letter to Oakland County (MI) Executive David Coulter from Pastor Paul Edwards

Mr. Coulter – Less than 3% of the citizens of Oakland County identify as LGBTQ. Nearly 90% of the citizens of Oakland County identify as Christians.

Christians have a flag, too.

As a Christian pastor, I would not be in favor of the Christian flag flying in front of the Executive Building, though given that most citizens in our county identify as Christians, one could clearly make the argument that there is more warrant for flying the Christian flag than the so-called “Pride” flag.

Neither flag should be flying on government property. Each of those flags highlights the differences between our citizens rather than those things we share in common. Though most of our citizens identify as Christian, you would readily agree that flying a Christian flag on government property would be an affront to our Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic, and other non-Christian citizens.

Flying the Pride flag in front of our Executive Office building divides us in the same way.

Please know that I am not personally offended by your Pride flag. But speaking as a Christian pastor, God most certainly is offended by the lifestyle and behaviors your Pride flag represents. As Creator, God made humans male and female for the purpose of sexual procreation. The sexual behaviors of the LGBTQ lifestyle are against the natural order intended by God, and such behaviors are therefore ultimately subject to the judgment of God. Your Pride flag – and the unnatural behaviors it represents – is an affront to a holy God.

Let me be clear, I have offended this holy God, too. My offenses may be different than yours, but they are as much an affront to God as yours and warrant the same judgment.

Which is why I am overwhelmed that this holy God, whom I offended and continue to offend, sent His Son Jesus into the world, who lived a perfect life – never offending this holy God – and died a death He didn’t deserve to die so that sinners like me could be spared the judgment all sinners deserve. My hope of averting God’s judgment rests in the fact that His Son has already endured God’s judgment in my place. He has exchanged my offenses for His perfection. We all stand in need of the same forgiveness, no matter the difference in our offenses. God has made this forgiveness available to all who desire it simply by asking Him to include us in it.

You don’t see your lifestyle as an affront to God. I understand that.

But many – if not most – of the citizens of Oakland County do see the LGBTQ lifestyle as an affront to God.

By flying your Pride flag in front of our Executive Office Building, you make a political statement which only serves to further divide. In the name of all that is holy, please take down your Pride flag.


Pastor Paul Edwards
Redeemer Church of Waterford