A brief statement on the midterm election

Congratulations to the Michigan Democrat Party. They ran much better campaigns in the contested House races and the Governor race than the Republicans. Higher taxes and a slowed economy will be the reality over the next four years in Michigan.

The only Republican in Michigan that actually showed up and cared about winning is John James who gave Stabenow the run of her life and he isn’t going away. The national conservative media has taken notice of him. He’s a rising star.

Contrary to the hopes and wishes of the liberal media, there was no “blue wave” last night. It was a given that the Democrats would take back control of the House, but Republicans will get it back in 2020. The real story is the Senate. Not only did the Republicans hold the Senate, they INCREASED the number of seats they hold. The United States Senate is much more conservative today than it was yesterday. By 2020, HALF of all judges on Federal benches will be conservative Trump appointees. If there is another vacancy on SCOTUS in the next two years (and there will be), the conservative majority on the Supreme Court will be entrenched for a generation.

Nationally, the Republicans take back the House in 2020. The Democrats will put forward their most leftist, socialist candidate for President (keep your eye on Beto O’Rourke in Texas and Andrew Gillum in Florida) to counter Trump, and Trump will win re-election handily. The media will continue to underestimate the intelligence and skill of President Trump over the next two years.

Last night was a great night for conservatism.

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