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Rev. Robert Sirico responds to Pope Francis’

By: Paul Edwards |
November 29 2013 8:53

Pope Francis recently issued an Apostolic Exhortation in which he sharply criticized market capitalism. In this 10 minute video, Rev. Robert Sirico of the [...]

Defend Us from Ourselves

By: Paul Edwards |
November 28 2013 12:36

“At every point in this educational process, we are told that [faith] is ridiculous, and their arguments sound so good it is hard not [...]

Transcending Mediocrity Requires Pain – and

By: Paul Edwards |
November 28 2013 12:05

“Give me the courage to stand the pain to get the grace, Oh Lord. Help me with this life that seems so treacherous, so [...]

Insipid Moments of Praise

By: Paul Edwards |
November 28 2013 11:08

“There is a whole sensible world around me that I should be able to turn to Your praise; but I cannot do it. Yet [...]

Some Helps for the Discouraged, Overwhelmed Pastor

By: Paul Edwards |
October 20 2013 15:00

During the last three months of my hiatus from pulpit ministry I have found several resources that have been a great encouragement to me. [...]