Here are just some of the influencers and critical thinkers who have joined Paul in conversation...


Gov. Mitt Romney
Senator Rick Santorum
Gov. Jennifer Granholm
Rep. Randy Forbes
Rep. Duncan Hunter
Rep. Pete Hoekstra
Senator Joe Lieberman
Senator Orrin Hatch
Senator Bob Kerry
Senator Jim DeMint
Senator Jim Talent
Senator Zell Miller
Sen. John Danforth
Terry Lynn Land
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Tom DeLay
Dick DeVos
Betsy DeVos
Michael Deaver
Oliver North


Martin Bashir
Jim Lehrer
Emilio Estevez
Carl Bernstein
Andrew Keen
Martha Reeves
Robert Novak
William Bennett
Michael Medved
Hugh Hewitt
Dennis Miller
Dennis Prager
Michael Landon, Jr.
Judy Woodruff
Art Buchwald
Rich Lowry
Alexandra Pelosi
Tim Russert
Chris Matthews
Chris Fabry
Laura Ingraham
Bill O'Reilly


Chuck Colson
John Piper
D. A. Carson
Wayne Grudem
Ravi Zacharias
James White
Scott Mcknight

Jim Wallis
Phil Johnson
Os Guinness
Robert P. George
Frank Schaeffer
Michael Novak
Tullian Tchividjian
Alistair Begg
R. C. Sproul
R. C. Sproul, Jr
John Ortberg
Dr. Alistair McGrath
William Lane Craig
Dr. John MacArthur
Ray Pritchard
Dr. Sam Storms
Dr. Steven Lawson
Beth Moore
Kay Arthur
Bill Hybels
Joni Erickson Tada
Philip Yancey
Anne Graham Lotz
Franklin Graham
Kay Warren (wife of Rick Warren)


Frank Pastore
Jon Kitna
Frank Tanana
Ernie Hawell
Todd Jones
Willie Horton
Travis Fryman


Christopher Hitchens
Victor Davis Hanson
Brigette Gabriel
Melanie Phillips
US Senate Chaplain Barry Black
Lee Strobel
Jerry Jenkins
Jon Meacham
David Aikman
Peter Jones
Karen Kingsbury
Judge Charles Pickering
James W. Sire
Ann Coulter
Dr. Leon Kass
David Frum
Michael Novak
David Horowitz
Neal Kozodoy
Joseph Farah
William Strauss
Alan Dershowitz
G. Gordon Liddy
Phyllis Schlafly
Bernard Goldberg
Lawrence Kaplan
Robert Dallek
Wayne Lapierre
Karen Santorum

Talk to Me

Talk radio for me is a calling. God has given me unique gifts and abilities behind a microphone. It is my desire to use those abilities once again on-air to inform and entertain in a compelling and intelligent way.

Radio Philosophy

I believe talk radio should entertain and inform, but most importantly influence cultural and societal change. There is too much "noise" passing itself off as "Conservative Talk." We're screaming at those with whom we disagree, and talking - for the most part - only to those who are already on our side. And nothing changes.

What's desperately needed in the genre of "Conservative Talk" is intelligent dialogue around the issues with all sides fairly represented with a view to understanding the other side of the issue. That's the kind of program I hosted and produced for more than ten years. I'm ready to do it again.

The type of talk radio I do features stimulating conversations with critical thinkers on culture, politics, theology, and news-of-the-day. And we have fun doing it.

Who is Paul Edwards?

I have more than a decade of experience as a talk host on radio in Detroit. I began my career as a fill-in host for Teresa Tomeo and Bob Dutko on Crawford Broadcasting's WMUZ-FM 103.5. In March of 2003 I was given my own afternoon drive program on Crawford's WRDT-AM 560.

From March of 2006 to February of 2012 I was the voice of afternoon drive on Salem Communications' WLQV-AM FaithTalk 1500 in Detroit every afternoon from 4:00pm - 6:00 pm.

In the more than ten years I have been doing talk radio, it has been my honor to speak with some of the most influential people in America. My guests have included politicians, theologians, musicians, ethicists, and many more of todays influencers and critical thinkers.

TRIVIA: Director John Curran used actual voice tracks from my program for his 2010 movie Stone starring Robert De Niro and Edward Norton.

I majored in church history, attending Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO and Grace College & Seminary in Winona Lake, IN.



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