Who is Paul Edwards

Paul EdwardsPaul was born in Detroit and raised in the downriver community of Taylor. He attended Taylor Public Schools through junior high school. In 1975 he entered Temple Christian High School in Redford, graduating there in 1979.

After attending Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri Paul returned to Temple Baptist Church in Redford, Michigan where he served on the staff until taking his first pastorate in 1989. He has pastored churches in Michigan, Indiana, and Texas.

Since October of 2001 Paul has served as the Teaching Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church of Waterford, Michigan. In February of 2002 he began hosting On the Word with Paul Edwards on Detroit Christian radio until August of 2004. In March of 2006 Paul returned to the airwaves with Salem Communications and AM 1500 WLQV in his current position as host of The Paul Edwards Program. His guests have included politicians, theologians, musicians, ethicists, and many more of todays influencers and critical thinkers.

Paul majored in church history, attending Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO and Grace College & Seminary in Winona Lake, IN. He has been in ministry full-time as a pastor since 1989.

Paul's Past Guests

Here are just some of the influencers and critical thinkers who have joined Paul in conversation...

Anne Rice • Kent Hughes • Lee Strobel • Dr. Timothy Keller • Kay Arthur • Susan Wise Bauer • Amy Sullivan • Congressman Tim Roemer • John Whitehead • Paul and Sarah Edwards • Dr. Mark Roberts • Senator Jim DeMint • Voddie Baucham • Patrick Sookhdeo • Mark Dever • Udo Middlemann • Dennis Rainey • William Murray • Thabiti Anyabwile • Noel Piper • Mitch Albom • Cliff Kincaid • Jim Ware • Dr. Michael Lindsay • Dr. Erwin Lutzer • Frank Schaeffer • Francine Rivers • Dr. Henry Maicki • Ryan Dobson • Dr. Alan Keyes • Jeffrey Overstreet • Cal Thomas • Bob Beckel • Dr. Albert Mohler • Paula White • Dr. Michael Horton • David Kinnaman • Jeffrey Toobin • Candice Miller • Dr. Norman Geisler • Deborah Norville • Tullian Tchividjian • John Ortberg • Rich Lowry • Carl Bernstein • Andrew Keen • Dr. Alistair McGrath • Martha Reeves • Victor Davis Hanson • Ray Pritchard • Dr. Sam Storms • Robert Novak • William Lane Craig • Dr. John MacArthur • Michael Medved • Dr. Steven Lawson • Terry Lynn Land • Rep. Randy Forbes • Bishop Harry Jackson • Rep. Duncan Hunter • Senator Jim DeMint • Senator Jim Talent • Kathleen Kennedy Townsend • Chris Fabry • Tom DeLay • Hugh Hewitt • Dennis Miller • Michael Landon, Jr. • Beth Moore • Alexandra Pelosi • Ralph Winter • Judy Woodruff • Art Buchwald • Gov. Jennifer Granholm • Bill Hybels • Lauren Sandler • Damon Linker • Sen. John Danforth • Robert P. George • Joni Eareckson Tada • Os Guinness • Brigette Gabriel • Melanie Phillips • Frank Pastore • Phillip Yancey • Barry Black • Tim Russert • Jon Kitna • Dennis Prager • Kay Warren • Todd Jones • Lee Strobel • Jerry Jenkins • Jon Meacham • Art Buchwald • David Aikman • Peter Jones • Karen Kingsbury • Anne Graham Lotz • D. A. Carson • Judge Charles Pickering • Dick DeVos • James W. Sire • Kathy Troccoli • Wayne Grudem • John Piper • Ann Coulter • Ravi Zacharias • Dr. Leon Kass • Chris Matthews • Senator Orrin Hatch • Senator Bob Kerry • Laura Ingraham • Bill O'Reilly • David Frum • Ernie Harwell • Frank Tanana • Michael Novak • David Horowitz • Neal Kozodoy • Joseph Farah • William Strauss • Alan Dershowitz • G. Gordon Liddy • Senator Zell Miller • Oliver North • Alistair Begg • R. C. Sproul • Michael Deaver • Phyllis Schlafly • Bernard Goldberg • Lawrence Kaplan • William Bennett • Robert Dallek • Wayne Lapierre • Karen Santorum •


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Paul's broadcast desk in the WLQV studios

Paul's broadcast desk in the WLQV studios

Paul Edwards, his son Joel, with Detroit Tiger's Hall of Fame broadcaster Ernie Harwell

Paul and his son Joel with Detroit Tigers' Hall of Fame Broadcaster Ernie Harwell

Paul with Alistair Begg

Paul with Alistair Begg at the WLQV Pastor's Appreciation Luncheon, April 2007

Paul with Dr. James Dobson

Paul with Dr. James Dobson at Salem's 2006 National Talk Show Conference in Washington, DC

Paul with Carl Bernstein

Paul with Carl Bernstein at the WLQV studios after an in-studio interview on July 9, 2007
Paul with Dr. Albert Mohler

Paul with Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, during Salem's 2006 Talk Show Conference in Washington, DC.